The women of the so-called “Achterban" at the "Straatconsulaat" (Street Consulate) once took up the initiative to organise a pampering day for women in social care only. This was the birth of the The Hague Women Indulgence Day, held on 8 March - on International Women's Day - for the last ten years. The "Achterban" did not only get help from the "Straatconsulaat", but also from tens of volunteers. 

Kessler Foundation

The "Straatconsulaat" contacted the Kessler Foundation in 2017 to discuss a way to hand over the organisation of Women's Day. That year, the "Achterban" and the Kessler Foundation collaborated, but in 2018 the Kessler Foundation started to organise the event itself.

Kessler’s second-hand clothing shops called "Pakkie Deftig" have been involved in organising the Women's Day right from the beginning. From 2019 onwards the proper name of the event is "The Hague Women's Day''. All the hostesses, hairdressers, beauticians, Reiki therapists, pedicurists, manicurists and many other volunteers still make the day a success up till now.

Focus group

The Hague Women's Day is directed at women in The Hague, who are currently in social care and/or unhoused. These women are handed a personal invitation for the Day in March. 

 DEN HAAG - Kessler Stichting organiseert de Vrouwenverwendag. FOTO EN COPYRIGHT HENRIETTE GUEST